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Master Of Confusion
Release date: March 25 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (3/5 - Good)

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Gamma Ray Master Of Confusion album cover

Just in time for the tour Hellish Rock part II with Helloween, here's Gamma Ray new record, Master Of Confusion.
Well, it's not really a new album, nor is it an EP. There are 10 tracks for a total duration of 56 minutes: 2 new songs, 2 cover songs and 6 live numbers.

The album starts with Empire Of The Undead, a fast song that will please every heavy metal on earth.
Kai's vocals sound incredible and the melodies are as catchy as powerful.
This future classic is followed by the title track, Master Of Confusion. It is a typical Gamma Ray track where Kai Hansen's composing style is easily recognizable.
If you like songs like Valley Of The Kings, Send Me A Sign, or Helloween's I Want Out, then you'll like this one!


Then, the Rays revisited two obscure classic metal songs. Most people won't know the original versions or even the bands.
Death Or Glory is a heavy mid tempo song from the Scottish band Holocaust. It was originally released in 1981. Gamma Ray already covered another song from this record on their Alive'95 album: Heavy Metal Mania.
Lost Angels was originally recorded by the British band Sweet, back in 1977. Gamma Ray did a wonderful version, and it's obvious that this band was a great influence for the Rays. The melody of the chorus reminds me a part of the song Armageddon from Powerplant.

Note that these are the first Gamma Ray songs recorded by their new drummer Michael Ehré. I like Dan Zimmerman a lot, but Michael does a great job too. I saw one of his first live performances with Gamma Ray, in Nancy, and he kicked ass. So, Michael Ehré, welcome to the band!

Finally, there are six live tracks recorded in the town of Bochum, during the short Skeletons & Majesties Tour.
On this tour, Gamma Ray played only rare or forgotten songs, instead of their all-time classics. They have already released a live album and DVD from this tour, recorded in Pratteln, Switzerland.
The 6 live songs featured on Master Of Confusion are already on the live album, so these six songs are to be considered as bonus tracks, but high quality bonus tracks.
The Spirit, Farewell and Insurrection sound particularly good, as does Time To Break Free with Michael Kiske on vocals.

Master Of Confusion is aimed for Gamma Ray fans, and it's a a good release that every Gamma Ray fan should get. It has live tracks, rare cover versions, and two new songs that will please anyone who's restless and can't wait anymore to hear Gamma Ray's next album!

Gamma Ray the band

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Gamma Ray Line-up:

Kai Hansen – Guitars / Vocals
Henjo Richter – Guitars
Dirk Schlächter – Bass
Michael Ehré – Drums (track 1-4)
Dan Zimmermann – Drums (track 5-10)
Michael Kiske – Vocals On Time To Break Free

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Tracklist Master Of Confusion

01. Empire Of The Undead
02. Master Of Confusion
03. Death Or Glory
Holocaust Cover
04. Lost Angels
Sweet Cover
05. The Spirit
06. Wings Of Destiny
07. Gamma Ray
08. Farewell
09. Time To Break Free
10. Insurrection

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