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Hellfest 2014:

Iron Maiden
Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Black Sabbath
Hellfest Open Air

Deep Purple
Hellfest Open Air

Status Quo
Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Death Angel
Hellfest Open Air

Dark Angel
Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open Air

Clisson, France
June 19, 20 & 21 2014

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The dead Tree - Hellfest Open Air 2014
Hellfest Open Air

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Hellfest Open Air! Here I am, back again after 2 years!

This year, the festival was totally unmissable! Iron Maiden, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath were the headliners, but other legendary bands like Deep Purple or Status Quo were also there.

Too much Classic Rock will you say? There was also Prog and Power Metal, with bands like Angra, Sabaton and Powerwolf.

For those who like Thrash Metal, Slayer, Sepultura and Annihilator were also there... plus the newly reunited Dark Angel and the exclusivity of the only Death Angel show in Europe for the summer 2014.
Want something more extreme? Carcass and Behemoth were also on the bill, and if it's Punk Rock what you like, The Misfits and Turbonegro were also there.

That's only a glimpse of the bands scheduled... Skid Row, Nightmare, Rob Zombie, Extreme, Soundgarden, Skyclad, Satan, Killers... and more than 150 bands played during those 3 days of madness in the small town of Clisson!

In less than 10 years, the Hellfest has become a reference, one of the most important Metal Festivals in the world, so it's no wonder that this year it was sold-out several months in advance.

Reaching the Hellfest was quite an adventure to me! I was in Belgrade, Serbia for the Iron Maiden show. I flew to Paris, had to deal with a strike of the French railway company (the SNCF) but I finally managed to reach the city of Nantes. From there, Clisson is only a short train ride away so I was ready to enjoy 3 days of Rock and Metal in this outworldly atmosphere, with great bands and many friends that I hadn't seen in a long time!

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Skating at the Hellfest
Skull & Butterflies
Mainstage 02 - Hellfest Open Air 2014
30 Years of American Metal  - poster for Hellfest live in Clisson
Cathedral entrance - Hellfest Open Air
Kingdom of Muscadet - Hellfest Open Air

Unlike most festivals, the Hellfest is not only about music. It is about taking seriously the title "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be".

The decoration creates an atmosphere completely unique. No other Metal festival looks like the Hellfest! The only other Metal Festival I know that cares that much about the decoration and the atmosphere is the Copenhell in Denmark, but it's a much smaller fest.

Before entering the Fest, one had to go though the Hell City Square, which looked like a town centre with different kinds of shops, including clothes.
Then, the gate to the Festival grounds looked like a huge cathedral, and once inside, it was like entering another world.

If you wanted to have a drink, you could go to one of the many bars around... or head to the Kingdom of Muscadet to taste some fine French Wine.

If you wanted to have fun, there were many activities, and even a Ferris Wheel to watch the whole site from above!

When it was too hot, the firemen joined the party and poured water with their hose on anyone who wanted.

When you were hungry, there were dozens for food stalls to choose from. French, Italian, Asian, Mexican and even Colombian food was available. The Hellfest is for sure the Metal festival with the greatest choice in food. But after all, we're in France!

And of course, the most important thing, there were 6 stages with bands playing until late at night!

In other words, it's a place where you can get away from it all and only think about having fun! It sounds like paradise, but here it's called Hell (fest)!

I only can think of a couple of things that could make the fest even better. First, they need more restrooms. Second, more buses to Nantes after the fest (for those who want a hotel bed instead of the camping).
Also, the dust can be very annoying when it's hot and dry, but there's nothing that can be done about it!

Anyway, once again the Hellfest proved to be one of the best Metal festivals in the world in terms of bands, atmosphere and organization. I'll definitely come back!

To see some pictures of the bands and read the live reports, just follow thise links:
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Fans at hellfest Open Air
Sunset at the Hellfest Open Air
The Hellfest Tank
Hellfest Zebra
Hellfest by night
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