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Elysée Montmartre – Paris, France
December 13, 2010

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Rob Dukes at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris, France

After Death Angel, time for Exodus to take over the Thrashfest.

Although Exodus tour Europe quite often, somehow I managed to miss them every time. What a shame!
The only Exodus show I saw before was their reunion show at Wacken 2002, 8 years before!

Gary Holt from Exodus live at the Thrashfest

I was very excited to see the band, and to discover on stage their new line-up, with singer Rob Dukes, who has recorded the latest Exodus albums: The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A and Exhibit B: The Human Condition.

Well, even if I saw Exodus before with Rick Hunlot and Steve Souza, there was no way I could be disappointed! Exodus are alive and ready to give lessons in violence!

Exodus on stage is pure frenetic energy! Heavy songs, fast songs, intense songs, that’s what an Exodus concert is about!

The audience didn’t stop moshing and headbanging during the whole set.
There were a couple of circle pits, and even more.
What is stronger than a circle pit? A wall of Death!
Rob Dukes organized one by the end of the show.
He divided the pit and shouted to each side: “I want you to kill each other on the other side!”

Lee Altus from Exodus live in Paris

Rob Dukes is really amazing! He has strong stage presence and he’s an accomplished frontman.
Few speeches, a voice that sounds like in their albums, and he gave himself physically.

Not only he headbanged and kept running around the stage, he also stage-dived and went crowdsurfing during The Toxic Waltz!

He also showed proudly his chest covered with tattoos a couple of times.

Gary Holt from Exodus live in Paris

Two original members remain. First, Tom Haunting on drums. Precise, fast, and restless, he demonstrated to be a great drummer tonight!

On guitars, as introduced by Rob Dukes, we had “The One and only Gary Holt!
He’s the only Exodus member who has played in every album of the band.

This guy plays amazing rhythm parts and solos, and you could see by the smile on his face that he has so much fun on stage!

Jack Gibson from Exodus live in Paris

On the other guitar we had Lee Altus, another speed metal guitarist who has been doing a great job for the last few years.
Lee is known beeing the original guitar player from Heathen, but he has played with several bands such as Die Krupps or Angel Witch.

On bass, Jack Gibson keeps the tempo of the damned along with Tom Haunting.
He’s also a rhythm machine and he headbangs as fast as he plays!

Rob Dukes at the Thrashfest - Exodus live in Paris

Rob Dukes thanked the audience for coming to support the Thrashfest on a Monday night.
Well, The Thrashfest was a great way to start the week!

But he said they came from San Francisco, to teach us A Lesson In Violence!
Right after that, they played a very speed version of this song.

He also stated that we were lucky to be Bonded By Blood before playing this song.

Gary Holt live at the Thrashfest with Exodus

Finally, he did a compliment to France, saying that Paris has the hottest pussies! Oh yeah, you can’t change the image that people from the US have from France!

The band chose a great setlist and played as as many songs as they could within the short time allowed.

Jack Gibson - Exodus live in Paris

Gary Holt with Exodus in Paris

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Setlist Exodus – Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France – December 13, 2010

01. 1. The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
02. Beyond the Pale
03. A Lesson In Violence
04. Deathamphetamine
05. Blacklist
06. Bonded By Blood
07. War Is My Shepherd
08. The Toxic Waltz
09. Strike Of The Beast
10. Good Riddance

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Exodus Line-up:

Rob Dukes – Vocals
Gary Holt – Guitars
Lee Altus – Guitars
Jack Gibson – Bass
Tom Haunting – Drums
Jack Gibson with Exodus at the Thrashfest
Rob Dukes - Exodus at the Thrashfest
Gary Holt and his his guitar! - Exodus live in Paris
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