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Les Combustibles - Paris, France
April 15 2012

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Poster for Exit Ten live in Paris

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First of all, I apologize for the low quality of the pictures on this page, but that's the best I could do with so little light.

Exit Ten is a British Metal band that released its first album in 2008.
They've toured extensively around the UK but today was their first ever gig in France.
It was also the last show of their short spring tour accross Europe.

Unfortunately not many people showed up at this small club called Les Combustibles.
The concert was scheduled on a sunday night, but the real reason is that Exit Ten is not a very well known band in France, as little promotion has been made.

The price of the tickets was only 12€, which is really low for concerts in Paris, but it seems that not many people got tempted.
Well, this should change, because this band has a good potential and they're really good on stage.

Napoleon Great Army live on stage

The first band to play was called Napoleon's Great Army. If the name and their clothes are inspired from the best days of the French Empire, the music comes straight from the ones of the defeat in Waterloo.
I don't know for how long they've been around but I assume that they have little or no live experience.

Their songs aren't bad, you can listen to some excerpts on their facebook page, but they really need to improve and acquire more experience on stage... especially the singer.

Mathieu Ricou and William Knox from Lizzard

The next band on stage was another French band called Lizzard, which clearly was on a higher level.

They're probably used to play in small dark clubs, so they brought their own spotlights. As a result, they had the best lightshow of the evening.

Musically, their songs are quite slow and atmospheric. I liked their style that mixes soft melodies with complex bass parts.
Visually it's the same, while bass player William Knox remains calm, drummer Katy Elwell easily goes crazy behind her kit.
I'd say their music is between alternative and progressive rock and all members of the band are very skilled musicians.

Mathieu Ricou is in charge of guitars and vocals. Something interesting is that he uses different effects, especially the delay, to give the impression that there are several guitars.

It was very pleasant to discover this band, and I recommend you to follow these links:

Lizzard Website
Lizzard on
Lizzard CDs at
Lizzard on iTunes

Mathieu Ricou and Katy Elwell live with Lizzard
Ryan Redman - Exit Ten in concert

It was almost 11pm when the brothers Steele and their bandmates got on stage.

Exit Ten sound was very loud, especially for such a small club, and not very clear.
But as they got on stage, they showed that they were hungry to conquer new territories and France is on their list!
From the begining, we could see that it's the kind of band that gives it all on stage, no matter how many people are attending the show.

Stuart Steele on guitars with Exit Ten

Exit Ten's music is full of contrasts, and that's part of the appeal of the band.
Sometimes there are soft melodies, then comes a killer riff, and finally the drums and bass take the lead and bring a powerful rhythm. You should listen to the beatiful song Suggest A Path to see what I mean.

The technical skills of the musicians are seen on the solos, rhythm guitar parts with tapping, and fast changes.
That's the band's signature, the style that they've been forging through the years... and we also had the chance to discover the song Sunset, from their forthcoming Sunset E.P..

Exit Ten live at the the Club Les Combustibles in Paris

There was little people attending the show, but this fact contributed to make this concert an up close and personnal moment with the band.

Singer Ryan Redman didn't hesitate to get down into the pit and make the people sing while looking straight into their eyes. It was a very interactive concert. Worth to note, he's got a powerful voice!

As he was down in the pit, he also saw his own band performing on stage, and that's something that many musicians dream of.

Ryan Redman and Exit Ten live in France

Exit Ten rocked the place, even if there were only a handful of fans and the sound wasn't so good. This proves that they are a good band on stage and I think they have a lot of growing potential.

Someday in the near future, they'll certainly play bigger venues here.
When this happens, only a handful of us will smile, when people will talk about this show... Exit Ten's mythical first concert ever in Paris!

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Setlist Exit Ten – Combustibles – Paris, France – April 15 2012

01. Life
02. Curtain Call
03. Fine Night
04. Resume Ignore
05. Suggest A Path
06. Sunset
07. Mountain
08. Technically Alive
09. Lion

Exit Ten Links:

Exit Ten Website
Exit Ten CDs on
Exit Ten CDs at
Exit Ten on Metal Traveller's Flickr
Exit Ten iTunes downloads

Exit Ten Line-up:

Ryan Redman – Vocals
Stuart Steele – Guitar
Joe Ward – Guitar
James Steele – Bass
Chris Steele – Drums
James Steele on bass - Exit Ten live in France
Ryan Redman from Exit Ten
Exit Ten live in France
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