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La L'Empreinte - Savigny Le Temple (near Paris), France
January 19, 2010

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Poster and flyer for Enuff Z'Nuff live in Paris

Ah? Enuff Z'Nuff in Paris? With Faster Pussycat?
Woah, first thing I thought when I saw this announcement was that there was no way for me to miss this.

Well, I almost did. The concert wasn’t held in Paris, but in a town named Savigny Le Temple, which is 40 minutes away by train.
It’s not that much you would think, but when you know how unreliable public transport to the suburban areas of Paris is, I thought it twice before going.

Finally I decided to go to the show, and it would have been a big mistake to stay at home.

Donnie Vie and Chip Z'Nuff from Enuff Z'Nuff live

It was my very first time at l’Empreinte, which is a very nice venue, just outside Savigny’s train station.

There were about 400 fans when I arrived. Unfortunately I missed the opening act, which was the Swedish band Dirty Passion.

Donnie Vie singing with Enuff Z'Nuff

I was very happy to see Enuff Z'nuff hitting the stage. It’s a mythical band, and absolutely underrated.

Even Howard Stern says it: Enuff Z'Nuff is an amazing band!

So if you don’t know them yet, get some of their albums when you can.

They’re also a good live act. They moved a lot on the small stage, and they were as energetic as their songs.

Donnie Vie with Enuff Z'Nuff

Enuff Z'Nuff setlist was short. Only ten songs were played as they were the opening band for Faster Pussycat.
That might be frustrating for the band and for the audience, as this was the first Enuff Z'Nuff concert in France.
But it's better than nothing at all, there's no reason to complain here!

Donnie Vie wouldn’t stop playing with his microphone.
Throwing it in the air, playing like if it was a helicopter, and making sing the fans in the front row.

He had a relaxed rock look, just wearing jeans, a shirt and a backstage pass around his neck.

Chip Z'Nuff playing bass with Enuff Z'nuff in Paris

Chip Z'Nuff was dressed all in white and had huge sunglasses.

If Stig Pedersen from D-A-D plays a 2-string bass, Chip Z'Nuff plays an unbeatable 12-string bass!
Quite impressive to see one of those.

But unfortunately the sound that night was not so good, so I couldn’t really hear the subtleties he could play.

Tory Stoffregen from Enuff Z'Nuff live at L'Empreinte

On guitars, Tory Stoffregen was dresses like a dandy, and he delighted us with his sleazy solos, although he doesn't move much on stage.

Suprise, on drums we had Faster Pussycat / L.A. Guns sticksman, Chad Stewart. Enuff Z'Nuff drummer Randi Scott didn't come for the European dates for personal reasons.

Quite a hard work to play two gigs the same night, but Chad Stewart realy made it profesionnaly.

Chad Stewart playing drums with Enuff Z'Nuff

It was a really cool Enuff Z'Nuff concert, hope they'll do a headlining European tour sometime!
Now, time to see Faster Pussycat live!

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Setlist Enuff Z'Nuff – L'Empreinte, Savigny Le Temple (Paris), France – January 19, 2010

01. Rock n’World
02. Baby Loves You
03. We’re Alright
04. For Now
05. Dissonance
06. High
07. In The Groove
08. Come Together
09. Fly High Michelle
10. New Thing

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Enuff Z'Nuff Line-up:

Donnie Vie - Lead Vocals
Tory Stoffregen- Lead Guitar
Chip Z'Nuff – Bass
Chad Stewart – Drums

Tory Stoffregen from Enuff Z'Nuff live in Paris
Randi Scott and Donnie Vie from Enuff Z'Nuff live
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