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Le Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
December 6, 2008

Alex Hellid from Entombed live in Paris Sometimes when I go to a show I miss the opening band.
I wish it would have been the case today!
Criptopsy made a horrible gig and when looking at the audience's response, I think most of them would agree.
LG Petrov from Entombed live in Paris 2008
But we all were the tonight to see Entombed.

Last time I saw them was at the smaller hall of La Locomotive, so I was very pleased to see them on a bigger stage.
Nico Elgstrand from Entombed Live at the Nouveau Casino Paris
There were not many lights tonight, and red was the dominant colour. The sound was not great when they started but after a few songs it got better.

Mixing Death Metal, Rock n’Roll and Heavy Metal, Entombed have composed some unique riffs and songs, and tonight they demonstrated once again that they’re a band apart. Olle Dahlstedt’s drums add a lot to Entombed’s sound, and tonight he was playing great.

Olle Dahlstedt from Entombed
Lars Goran Petrov still roars like hell, moves from side to side of the stage and jokes between the songs. I think he’s one of the best frontmen in Death Metal.

I was on Alex’s side so I didn’t see much Nico Elgstrand. But what he did with his bass sounded good, and that’s what counts.
LG Petrov and Alex Hellid from Entombed

Alex Hellid is now the only guitar player on stage. But with all the effects he used, he managed to do rhythm and lead guitars all at once.

He used a lot the “Delay” to record a riff and then play a solo over it. He’s a very professional musicians and a great performer.
LG Petrov from Entombed During the whole show there was a lot of stage diving.
There were four guys that got up on the stage at almost every song!
By the end of the show there were almost friends with L.G. Petrov, who didn’t hesitate to headbang with them and even make them sing a few words.

The setlist was fine, including some unforgettable classics live Demon, Left hand Path or Wolverine Blues.
Sadly Hollowman wasn’t played; it’s one of my favourite songs.
Headbanging on stage with LG Petrov and Entombed Entombed were playing several gigs in France, which nowadays is quite rare for any Metal band. There was a special T-shirt with the French tour at the merchandising stall.

I don’t listen to a lot of Death Metal but Morbid Angel and Entombed are two bands I love, and I saw them both in less that 10 days!
Stage Diving - Entombed live in Paris 2008

Setlist Entombed – Nouveau Casino- Paris, France – December 6, 2008

01. Eyemaster
02. ?
03. Abnormally Deceased
04. When In Sodom
05. Crawl
06. Revel in Flesh
07. To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth
08. Serpent Saints
09. Supposed to Rot
10. Stranger Aeons
11. Night of the Vampire
12. Left Hand Path
13. Chief Rebel Angel
14. Demon
15. Wolverine Blues

Entombed Line-up

Lars Göran Petrov – Vocals
Alex Hellid – guitar
Nico Elgstrand– bass
Olle Dahlstedt – drums

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Alex Hellid from Entombed
See you next year - Entombed live in Paris, december 2008