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Turock - Essen, Germany
April 9 2011

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Enforcer European Tour poster with Bullet
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After a very good but short concert from Skull Fist, I was about to discover a new band: Enforcer from Sweden!

The band customized the stage with two flags covering the amps on each side of the stage.
On the left side it was written "Heavy" and on the right "Metal", so you can make no mistake about what they play.
On those flags there were also drawings that really looked like record covers from underground 80's metal bands. Great!
(Click here for a pic of the "Heavy" flag)

Olof Wikstrand - Enforcer live in Essen

So, Enforcer play metal and they play it right the way you like it! Fast, raw, melodic and powerful!

Their catchy songs make you want to headbang, and the audience was totally in!

Moshing, sttage diving, headbanging... But who Metal is not for the yound and who said Metal isn't sexy? Two beautiful girls were watching the show from te first rows when finally they decided to get on stage and be part of the show!
Get to the end of this page to see the pictures.

Joseph Tholl on guitars - Enforcer live in concert

Enforcer has a 4-member line-up.
On vocals and guitars we have Olof Wikstrand, the mastermind that started the band in 2004.
His high voice sounds good and he has worked well his stage prescence.

Riffs and solos are shared with lead guitar player Joseph Tholl, who adds a classy rock'n'roll touch with his Gibson SG.

Olof Wikstrand on guitars and Tobias Lindkvist on bass with Enforcer live in Essen

The band has a solid rythm section, with Tobias Lindkvist on bass Jonas Wikstrand on drums.

Their sound reminded me of some forgotten 80's bands and I wondered how were concerts back then?

I felt like going back in time but I realized that this was really happening in 2011, and for sure there was not much difference between a 1985 concert and this one.

Jonas Wikstrand on drums with Enforcer live in Essen

This Enforcer tour with Bullet and Skull Fist is not something like the Keep It True or the Headbangers Open Air festivals.
Those great fests bring together old school bands, but tonight it was about recent bands, whose members weren't even born when Metallica recorded Kill'em All !

Those guys play their own songs, and some might say they're old fashioned. But I'd say they were showing that their Heavy Metal style is not an old-school fashion.

Tobias Lindkvist and Olof Wikstrand with Enforcer live in Essen

Enforcer gave everyone at the venue a big Heavy Metal lesson.
Just like Skull Fist, they demonstrated that Heavy Metal is not something that happened in the 80's, but it's something that is still happening right now!

One last band still had to take the stage: Bullet, also from Sweden!
Click here to read about Bullet concert in Essen.

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Setlist Enforcer – Turock - Essen, Germany – April 9 2011

01. Roll The Dice
High Roller

12. Evil Attacker

Enforcer Links:

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Enforcer Line-up:

Olof Wikstrand - Vocals / Guitars
Joseph Tholl - Guitars
Tobias Lindkvist - Bass
Jonas Wikstrand - Drums
Hot fans on stage - Enforcer live at Turock
Joseph Tholl and some hot Enforcer fans
Olof Wikstrand on guitars and Tobias Lindkvist with Enforcer live in Germany
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