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Symphony Of Sin
Release date: October 4 2013

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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock with Prog' influences

Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin
Metal Traveller Rating: 4/5 (Raise Your Fist)

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Eden's Curse Symphony Of Sin album cover

Eden’s Curse returns with Symphony Of Sin, their fourth studio album full of good songs and surprises.

First of all, there has been a line-up change and the band welcomes two new members. Keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio left the group to continue his career as a mixing engineer. He’s been replaced by Powerquest’s mastermind, Steve Williams himself, who also played in Dragonforce in the early days.

Serbian vocalist Nikola Mijic is the new voice of the band. If you’re into Serbian or Hungarian Metal, you might know him for his work with Alogia and Dreyelands.
Eden’s Curse has had 3 singers in a period of only 2 years, as founding member Michael Eden left the band in 2011 and his successor Marco Sandron didn’t stay for long.
Well, one thing is sure and it’s that Nikola Mijic is a high class singer and does a memorable work in Symphony Of Sin!


Symphony Of Sin is an ambitious album that melts different styles and influences. Sometimes it sounds progressive, sometimes there’s a darkest feeling, and sometimes it sounds like classic Hard Rock.
Add that the record has a very clean yet powerful sound. It was produced by Dennis Ward, bassist of Pink Cream 69 and Unisonic.

When you hear the word symphony, the word orchestra comes to mind, especially when you see this cover by Thomas Ewerhard. Well, Eden’s Curse hired 46 piece orchestra for the title track Symphony Of Sin. It’s a thrilling song to start an album! It begins with the orchestra alone and it feels like part of an epic movie. One minute later enter the drums and they keyboards and it’s turned into a magnificent Melodic Rock Song that lasts almost 8 minutes.

And if this one is great, wait until you hear the next ones!
The first single out of Symphony Of Sin is called Evil & Divine. The song has a very catchy chorus that could be on the radio, but it still sounds heavy. The promo video can be watched below.
The other song in the same vein is the extremely catchy Wings To Fly.

Unbreakable is an awesome fast song, I love the arpeggios of and the melodies on that one. I’m sure it would sound great on stage, just like Great Unknown and it’s memorable chorus.

Turn The Page is a very melodic song mid tempo song. I like Thorsten Koehne’s solo very much, but the vocal line of Nikola is striking. It’s probably my favourite song of the record.

Of course, a Melodic metal album isn’t complete without a power ballad. Well, Symphony Of Sin has two: Fallen From Grace and Where Is The Love?, the last song of the record.

Many lyrics evoke religious subjects, as you can see in song titles like Evil & Divine, Sign Of The Cross, Devil In Disguise, Losing My Faith or Fallen From Grace. Just like the title of the record has the word Sin and the name of the band has Eden.

Let’s add some mysticism by saying that there are 13 songs and well, 2013 seems to be the perfect year for an Eden’s Curse record!

Eden's Curse
Picture: AFM Records

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Eden's Curse Line-up:

Nikola Mijic – Vocals
Thorsten Koehne – Guitars
Paul Logue – Bass
Steve Williams – Keyboards
Pete Newdeck – Drums

Eden's Curse Links:

Eden's Curse Website
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Eden's Curse iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin

01. Symphony Of Sin
02. Break The Silence
03. Evil & Divine
04. Unbreakable
05. Fallen From Grace
06. Losing My Faith
07. Rock Bottom
08. Great Unknown
09. Turn The Page
10. Sign Of The Cross
11. Wings To Fly
12. Devil In Disguise
13. Where Is The Love?

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