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Zénith - Paris, France
February 3 2012

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James Labrie singing with Dream Theater

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Dream Theater was headlining the Zénith de Paris for a sold-out show on this cold and snowy february night.

Well, it's been more than 10 years since the last time I've seen Dream Theater indoors, and I had a great time tonight.

John Petrucci on guitars with Dream Theater

I've seen Dream Theater at some open air festivals in in between, but let's admit that Dream Theater is not the kind of band that fits the atmosphere of a summer metal festival.
The other reason, is that I hadn't followed all their latest records, and I think one appreciiates more a Dream Theater when one knows the songs.

Anyway, almost 10 years after a concert here at the Zénith in 2002, I thought it was about time to see a real Dream Theater concert again.

Jordan Rudess live with Dream Theater

When the show was about to start, we heard the first notes of Welcome To the Jungle from Guns'n'Roses. It was only 5 seconds, but everybody recongnized it and screamed. So, the lights were shut down and Dream Theater's intro started.

There were 3 screen shaped like half-cubes in the back of the stage. During the intro, we were shown animated images of the Dream Theater guys personified as wizards, before they came on stage and started with the song Bridges In The Sky.

Dream Theater Official Merchandise - 2011
James Labrie and John Myung with Dream Theater

Different movies were shown on the screens during the songs, and two of them were very notorious:

During the song Outcry there images of revolutions in Egypt and other arab countries, clearly showing support to this people in their struggle to gain freedom.

Later, during On the Backs of Angels, the screens showed images of bank notes and the stock exchange: another subject that's currently on everyday's news.

Mike Mangini live with Dream Theater

Well, as you can imagine, the musicians were all amazing. There's no doubt that this band is composed by some of the most gifted rock musicians around.
James Labrie's voice was at its top too.

One word about the new guy in town, Mike Mangini: his drum-kit is impressive and he used every cymbal and drum on it! That guy's an impressive rhythm machine!
Now, don't start comparing him with Mike Portnoy: Once a musician has reached a certain level of excellence, there's no need to compare.

Acoustic session with James Labrie and John Petrucci - Live in Paris with Dream Theater

I think the band chose the right songs for tonight's setlist.
The second song was 6:00 and from this moment on, I had a lot of good memories! Surrounded, The Spirit Carries On, A Fortune In Lies... It's been since I hadn't heard these songs, and it feels good!

There was a nice acoustic interlude, where James, John Petrucci and Jordan played two songs: The Silent Man and Beneath The Surface.
I love the song The Silent Man and never thought I'll ever hear it live.

Dream Theater Official Merchandise
John Myung on bass - Dream Theater live in Paris

I spent a great evening with Dream Theater. I won't lie, sometimes the songs and the solos seem a bit long, but seeing the band indoors can't be compared to their festival shows.

One thing is certain, I won't let 10 years pass until the next time I'll see a Dream Theater show indoors!

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Setlist Dream Theater – the Zénith - Paris, France – February 3 2012

Intro: Dream Is Collapsing + Welcome To The Jungle
01. Bridges in the Sky
02. 6:00
03. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
04. Surrounded
05. The Root of All Evil
—— Drum Solo ——
06. A Fortune in Lies
07. Outcry
08. The Silent Man
09. Beneath the Surface
10. On the Backs of Angels
11. War Inside My Head
12. The Test that Stumped Them All
13. The Spirit Carries On
14. Breaking All Illusions
15. Pull Me Under

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Dream Theater Line-up:

James LaBrie – Vocals
John Petrucci – Guitars
John Myung – Bass
Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
Mike Mangini – Drums
Mike Mangini, John Myung and James Labrie from Dream Theater
Jordan Rudess and Mike Mangini live in Paris with Dream Theater
Alexander Hamilton 10$ bill on the screen, as Dream Theater plays
Dream Theater thanks Paris
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