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Sonisphere Festival
Snowhall Parc - Amneville, France
July 9 2011

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Brian Tatler from Diamond Head live in Amneville

Diamond Head was the first band of the day to play at the main stage, called the Apollo stage.

Diamond Head in France… this hasn’t happened since 1983!
They might be a British band, but their previous and only time they crossed The Channel for a gig was in 1983, opening for Black Sabbath.

Nick Tart on vocals with Diamond Head

Not long after I arrived at the Sonisphere Festival, Diamond Head started to play!

This was going to be a very special day: We had the so-called Big Four with Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica, but also one of their highest inspirations: Diamond Head.
Before the Big Four, there was Diamond Head. They're a legend. Period.

Brian Tatler on guitars, live with Diamond Head

Brian Tatler was the only original member from the legendary Lightning To The Nations album that was still here.

It was quite early when they started to play but I guess there was no way this could have been otherwise, as Diamond Head had to perform at the main stage before the Big Four.

Bass player Eddie Moohan, live with Diamond Head

Nevertheless, I think they played too early. It was not easy to get the audience hot, despite the efforts made by singer Nick Tart.

Musically, I was very very excited about seeing this band live.

It was with great pleasure that I found on the setlist some songs that I first knew from Metallica like The Prince, Sucking My Love and the most awaited Helpless and Am I Evil?

Andy "Abbz" Abberley on guitars with Diamond Head

Nevertheless, I have to admit that the conditions were not so good: the band could only use a small part of the stage and couldn’t benefit from the huge lightshow.

So, it could have been better, but I guess it’s the best we can have. Not bad for a second gig in France 28 years later!
I enjoyed every minute... who knows if there will ever be a next time!?

Nick Tart and Karl Wilcox at the Sonisphere Festival, live with Diamond Head

Helpless was the song of the day. Brian Tatler came back on stage with during Metallica concert, to perform an exciting version of this song, along with the guys from Anthrax.

After Diamond Head, Loudblast played at the Saturn stage.
Next band at the Appollo stage was Anthrax, the first one of the Big Four.

Click here to read about Loudblast concert in Amneville.
Click here to start the Big Four with Anthrax.

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Setlist Diamond Head – Snowhall Parc - Amneville, France – July 9 2011

01. It's Electric
02. Give It to Me
03. The Prince
04. Sucking My Love
05. Helpless
06. Am I Evil?

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Diamond Head Line-up:

Brian Tatler – Guitar
Nick Tart – Vocals
Andy "Abbz" Abberley – Guitar
Eddie Moohan – Bass
Karl Wilcox – Drums
Karl Wilcox on drums with Diamond Head - Sonisphere France Festival
Brian Tatler live at Sonisphere France with Diamond Head
Nick Tart singing with Diamond Head
Diamond Head on stage at the Sonisphere Festival France
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