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Let Them Burn
Release date: Jauary 26 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Raise Your Fist)

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Denied The Mystery Of Time album cover

Denied is a Swedish Metal band from Stockholm, founded by by guitarist Andreas Carlsson back in 2003.
Let Them Burn is their first album to be distributed internationally, as their first two records were issued as independent releases: Seven Times Your Sin in 2005 and New Army for the Old Revolution in 2008.

All this patience and years of hard work have paid andDenied is now ready to take over the Heavy Metal world.
Denied play traditional high-octane Heavy Metal. In your face. Keep it fast, keep it heavy, keep it true.
But this doesn’t mean that they sound outdated. Don’t expect any 80’s nostalgic moments, the whole record sounds contemporary. Denied have added some modern elements to the songs structures, some effects to the guitars and the voice, and they have managed created a really powerful sound.

It took time to find the right musicians but Denied has finally a stable line-up. Andreas was joined by Pete Dolls on drums, Johan Fahlberg from Jaded Heart on vocals, Chris Vowden (ex-Opeth) on guitars and finally by Fredrik "Fredda" Isaksson (ex-Therion, ex-Grave) on bass.
With musicians coming from bands playing so different music styles, you can be sure that Denied has incorporated all these different influences to create their own unique blend.


Let Them Burn starts with Judas Kiss, an incredibly powerful song that can be as heavy as groovy. I’d say it’s somewhere between Judas Priest and Annihilator.

The next tune is called Dead Messiah, and it’s the most melodic song of the album. Yet, it’s also aggressive, especially on vocals. You will discover an unexpected talent from Johan Fahlberg, as his vocal approach is very different from the one used in Jaded Heart. There’s no trace of Hard Rock or AOR when he sings with Denied!

Garden Of Stone is a magnificent power ballad, the kind of song that you want to hear again once it’s finished.
What a way to start a record! Those first 3 songs are totally killer! Did they fire their best shots too fast? Maybe... but the rest of the record is intense too...

Constant Rage is a killer fast song, with a powerful riff and a great chorus that’s easy to remember. Again, the voice are very aggressive yet melodic.

Until The End Of Time is the darkest song of the record. There’s a Sitar sound at the beginning that gives an exotic Indian and oriental feeling, before becoming a heavy and dramatic mid tempo song. This one song, along with the first 3, are my favourite tunes of the record!

Seven Times Your Sin is another fast song with a very catchy chorus and a great riff, just like The Black Room which is a little heavier.

The last song is a fast tune called In Hell. It’s a concentrate of energy, with a couple of blasting shredding solos. In other words, a great way to end the record.

Let Them Burn has 10 direct and strong pure Metal songs that will keep you headbanging for 40 minutes non-stop.

Denied has finally released an album internationally and ready to show the world what they’re capable of.
If you like it halfway between melodic and aggressive, with killer riffs, fast solos, catchy melodies and a great voice, then Let Them Burn was made for you!

Denied the band
Photo: Promo Sliptrick Records

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Denied Line-up:

Johan Fahlberg – Vocals
Andreas Carlsson – Guitar
Chris Vowden – Guitar
Fredde Isaksson – Bass
Pete Dolls – Drums

Denied Links:

Denied Website
Denied CDs on
Denied iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Denied

01. Judas Kiss
02. Dead Messiah
03. Garden Of Stone
04. Constant Rage
05. Until The End Of Time
06. Lesser Son
07. Seven Times Your Sin
08. Nothing Is Sacred
09. The Black Room
10. In Hell

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