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Hellfest - Clisson, France
June 21 2014

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Ian Gillan and Ian Paice from Deep Purple live in Clisson

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Performance:  4,5/5
Setlist:             4,5/5
Sound:            4/5
Atmosphere:    5/5

After Status Quo, there was more high class British Rock coming, with Deep Purple!
Again, Deep Purple doesn't appear on Metal festivals that often, but I was really pleased to see them here, and they totally deserved this spot!

The intro was Mars, The Bringer Of War by Gustav Holst. Metalheads know this one, as Iron Maiden used an excerpt from the same piece on the A Matter Of Life And Death Tour.
The first song was Après-Vous from their latest record, Now What?, and then came the first classic, Into The Fire.
From then on, Purple performed a setlist made of some of their most delightful classics, including Perfect Strangers, Lazy or Black Night.

Those guys are masters in the art of rocking and the audience quickly fell under their spell. They played hit ater hit, just like that, no mercy!
Steve Morse made us sing some melodies he played on the guitar, and Ian Gillan made us sing Smoke On The Water and Hush. Everyone was into that and in the end, this one was one of the best shows of the day!

Now, another rock legend was about to hit the Mainstage 01: Aerosmith. Click here for Aerosmith live at Hellfest.

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Setlist Deep Purple – Hellfest – Clisson, – June 21 2014

Intro: Mars, the Bringer of War
01. Après Vous
02. Into the Fire
03. Hard Lovin' Man
04. Strange Kind of Woman
05. Uncommon Man
06. Lazy
07. Perfect Strangers
08. Space Truckin'
09. Smoke on the Water
10. Green Onions
Booker T. & The MG’s cover
11. Hush
Billy Joe Royal cover
—— Bass solo / Guitar solo ——
12. Black Night

Deep Purple Links:

Deep Purple Website
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Deep Purple band Line-up:

Ian Gillan – Vocals
Steve Morse – Guitars
Don Airey – Keyboards
Roger Glover – Bass
Ian Paice – Drums
Hellfest: Deep Purple in France
Ian Gillan and Steve Morse from Deep Purple on stage in Clisson
Roger Glover and Ian Gillan from Deep Purple live in Clisson
Ian Gillan and Roger Glover - Deep Purple live in Clisson
Deep Purple at the Hellfest in France

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