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War Master
Release date: June 14 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Very good)

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Death Dealer album cover

Do you feel like some energy is missing in recent records?
Do you think that today's musicians don't go straight to the point?
Are you sick of keyboards and female voices?
If you have any of these symptoms, Metal Traveller recommends a good dose of True Metal. Oh, there's a brand new medicine called Death Dealer. It tastes better when swallowed with beer instead of water, and you can have as much as you want!


Death Dealer play Heavy Metal, as pure and simple as it gets: killer riffs, great solos, high pitched screams and fast drums. Some might criticize that it's basic, others will be fascinated by this return to the roots. One thing is sure, every Heavy Metal fan will appreciate.

The first song is called Death Dealer, like the band, and it's like a punch in your face! This album is full of direct songs that will instantly make you want to headbang.
That's what happens when you listen to Warmaster and its great solo, to Hammer Down and its killer riff, or to Head Spikes Walls and its great chorus.
The Devil's Mile is probably the catchiest song, but you’ll also easily remember the ballad Children Of Flames.

So, who is behind Death Dealer? Well, no more no less than Ross The Boss and Rhino, both part of the ManOwaR brotherhood.
But wait, there’s more! The band’s dream line-up is completed by Sean Peck from Cage on vocals, Stu Marshall from Dungeon on guitars, and Mike Davis from Halford and ex-Lizzy Borden on bass.
Now it’s easier to understand why Death Dealer is so good in its style!

But beware, do not expect to hear a lost ManOwaR album, even if Death Dealer counts two former members of the band. The sound, the style and the structure of the songs are not the same.
For example, Death Dealer has twin guitar solos, there is no organ and the bass is not highlighted.

Do not expect either a renewal of this style of music, its lyrics or its imagery. Death Dealer is classic Heavy Metal as we like it, and they are very good at what they do!

War Master is a good pure Metal album so if you’re in need of a good dose of Heavy Metal, this is the right record for you. No Contraindications, unlimited dosage.

Death Dealer the band

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Death Dealer Line-up:

Sean Peck – Vocals
Ross the Boss – Guitar
Stu Marshall – Guitar
Mike Davis – Bass
Rhino – Drums

Death Dealer Links:

Death Dealer Website
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Death Dealer iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Death Dealer

01. Death Dealer
02. Never to Kneel
03. Warmaster
04. Children of Flames
05. Curse of the Heretic
06. Hammer Down
07. The Devils Mile
08. Liberty or Death
09. Heads Spikes Walls
10. Wraiths on the Wind

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< Concerts 2013 > < Album Reviews > Death Dealer On Tour 2012 >
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