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Ozzy Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
May 18 2014

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Poster for Darkness and Desecrate at Ozzy Bar

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Performance:  4/5
Setlist:             4,5/5
Lights:             2,5/5
Sound:            3,5/5
Atmosphere:    4/5

Darkness is one of the most important Metal bands in Colombia. They’re one of the pioneers of the genre and have been active for almost three decades.

During the 90’s I had the opportunity to see them many times in different conditions. I remember small concerts in bars, but they also played in front of huge crowds at Rock Al Parque Festival and were the support band for Metallica in 1999.

It had been 15 years since the last time I saw Darkness on stage so there was no way for me to miss this show at Ozzy Bar. Moreover, this was Darkness’ first concert in over a year, which made it even more special.

The event started at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, with several other local bands, like Desecrate, Fe Ciega, Tóxico Nuclear and Ashes.
Sundays are always difficult for concerts, but still about 100 people showed-up at Ozzy Bar too see the show.
I arrived late so I only saw Desecrate. I'm not really into Death Metal, but yhey sounded powerful and the response of the crowds was great.

Darkness got on stage at 10pm and started with the title-track of their latest record, Guerrofobia. The people got in the mood instantly and by the third song, the classic Neurótica, we were all singing the lyrics.

Although Jairo Buitrago and Néstor Osuna have been in the band for a long time, to me it was a total novelty to see Darkness with its new line-up. There is a good chemistry between them and Rodrigo Vargas, they all did a great performance of both, old and new songs.
Former members Oscar Orjuela and Carlos Olmos were great too, but it was a pleasure to see that the band is alive and is still strong!

Rodrigo from Darkness live at Ozzy Bar
Jairo Buitrago on bass with Darkness
Néstor Osuna on drums
Rodrigo from Darkness

There were also some nostalgic moments, as I remembered some of the first concerts I ever attended, with classics like Desvanezco, Espías Malignos o Cría Cuervos.
I loved those songs back then, and I still love them today!

The show ended after one hour with the song Metalero, which is an immortal anthem among Colombian Metalheads. Everybody sang the lyrics, and even a large moshpit was made.
When it ended, everyone was satisfied and the band was acclaimed for its performance.
I won’t wait 15 years for the next time!

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Setlist Darkness – Ozzy Bar – Bogotá, Colombia – May 18 2014

01. Guerrofobia
02. Positivamente No
03. Neurótica
04. Cría Cuervos
05. Desvanezco
06. Temores
07. Soberanía
08. Espías Malignos
09. Anhelando
10. La Puta Agresiva
11. Metalero

Darkness Links:

Darkness Website
Darkness on Flickr

Darkness Line-up:

Rodrigo Vargas – Vocals / Guitar
Jairo Buitrago – Bass
Néstor Osuna – Drums
Darkness live at Ozzy Bar, Bogotá
Rodrigo from Darkness live at Ozzy Bar en Bogotá
Darkness live in Bogotá at Ozzy Bar
Darkness thanking the crowds at Ozzy Bar in Bogotá
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