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L'Empreinte - Savigny, France
March 1 2012

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Poster for D-A-D and Highlight Enemies live in Savigny

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I was so happy when D-A-D announced that there would be a concert near Pars on this tour!
I love this band and I remember that thei concert at the Trabendo in Paris was one of the best gigs I attended in 2006.

The opening band was Highlight Enemies, a new band with merbers from Starrats, High School Motherfuckers and Tracy Gang Pussy.
This was their debut show and they did a good performance. These musicians have been around for a long time, so they have a lot of experience and they sounded really professional.

I wish them a lot of success in the future!
I'm sorry that I couldn't bring you any pictures from Highlight Enemies because I wasn't close enough to the stage. But you can find some pics if you visit the facebook page of the band.

Jesper Binzer with D-A-D

This concert was a real success! I'd never seen som many people at l'Empreinte in Savigny Le Temple.
Altough the venue is close to the train station, many people don't go to the gigs here because the last train to Paris is around midnight, and it's a quite long ride.

Great bands have played here, like L.A. Guns, Gilby Clarke or Ennuf Z'Nuff, but those were not sold out.
But tonight for D-A-D, there was room for noone else in the audience.

The rocket bass guitar

Well, D-A-D have a reputation of being a war machine on stage, and this is true.

No matter how big or how small the stage is. No matter if they headline a festival or play a club like l'Empreinte. D-A-D is a band that gives eveything on stage.

They had a great sound, a good lightshow (for a small venue) but most important: a great attitude on stage while playing their songs.

D-A-D live in Savigny Le Temple

Jacob Binzer is a very talented guitar player. He's halfway between rock, blues and metal. This interisting style has given birth to some unique riffs and melodies on their records, but it takes a whole new dimension on stage.
He doesn't hesitate to play longer solos, and he plays with such a feeling that it's a great pleasure to hear them.

He doesn't uses little guitar distortion, sometimes his guitar even seems to be clean, without effects. That's rare, and it sounds great!

Laust Sonne  on durms - D-A-D live at L'Empreinte in Savigny Le Temple

On drums, Laust Stone has a very distinctive playing, more inspired by rock than by metal.
There was no drum solo but singer Jesper Binzer made us scream, sing and clap our hands during a long break in the middle of the song I Want What She's Got, renamed as I Want What Laust"s Got.

Jesper is a great frontman by the way. I love his voice, clean enough for the rock songs, but rough when singing harder.

Stig Pedersen - D-A-D live in France

And what about Stig Pederson? Well, he is and will always be the showman of the band!
He's the one that can't stand still: he moves quickly from one side of the stage to the other, or stands up in the bass drum when he wants to be in the middle.

No other bassist in the world has a such a collection of nice looking basses!

Having only 2 strings in his basses is no problem, he plays way better than many others! Many should get inspired by his models...

Jesper Binzer from Disneyland After Dark

Jesper asked us to imagine that this was no tuesday but a saturday night, so the next day there would be no work, no school... only sleeping!
Well, unfortunately I couldn't sleep my day away, but did I feel like a saturday night!

D-A-D in concert is really an amazing live act!
Good music, good vives, good show... averything one needs for a rock'n'roll night.

There couldn't be a better way to kick-out march 2012.

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Setlist D-A-D – L'Empreinte - Savigny, France – March 1 2012

01. A New Age Moving In
02. Jihad
03. The End
04. Everything Glows
05. Point of View
06. Monster Philosophy
07. Reconstrucdead
08. Riding With Sue
09. Grow or Pay
10. We All Fall Down
11. I Want What She's Got
12. Evil Twin
13. Bad Craziness
14. Sleeping My Day Away
15. Laugh 'n' A 1/2
16. It's After Dark

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D-A-D Line-up:

Jesper Binzer – Vocals / Guitars
Jacob Binzer – Guitars / Piano / Backing vocals
Stig Pedersen – Bass + additional vocals
Laust Sonne – Drums
Jacob Binzer - D-A-D live in Savigny
D-A-D performing Laugh 'n' A 1/2
inverted bass guitar?
Jesper Binzer singing with D-A-D
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