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Release date: Friday 13 December 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal

Crystal Viper - Possession
Metal Traveller Rating: 4/5 (Raise Your Fist)
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Crystal Viper Possession album cover

Start trembling, the possession starts on Friday December 13, with the release of Crystal Viper’s fourth album!
This polish band has been around since 2003 and they’ve been touring relentlessly since then.

Possession is a great classic Heavy Metal record, probably the last highlight of this genre in 2013. It’s a concept album about a young girl being possessed, as the cover artwork suggests.


A short angelical intro gives way to Voices In My Head a fast song with a great melodic riff and a wonderful chorus. Marta Gabriel’s vocals sound angry and powerful, and the soft interlude after the solo adds some mystic to the mix.

After this great starter comes Julia Is Possessed, which quickly became one of my favourite songs of the record. The whole tune is very catchy and well constructed, and Sataniac from the Thrash / Black Metal band Desaster provides some vocals that seem to come directly from the underworld.

Fight Evil With Evil comes next, and I love its chorus and its riff. Marta shows her wide vocal range on this one, but she’s also helped by another special guest: Harry Conklin, known for his work with Jag Panzer, Titan Force and Satan's Host.

Mark Of The Horned One has a rather happy melody, totally unexpected for a song with such a name. This is practically a Power Metal tune, fast and memorable.

From this song, the album can be divided in two different parts, like if the story of the concept album had taken another direction. The first five songs are pure speed Heavy Metal, while the following four are slower and more atmospheric.

Why Can’t You Listen? is a great mid-tempo tune with a very catchy chorus and some great vocal arrangements after the solo. It lasts for some 7 minutes and it’s the longest song of the record.

Then comes the very atmospheric You Will Die You Will Burn. It starts with a long intro, then it becomes harder and harder, until a climax is reached with the double bass drums of the chorus.

We Are Many has a really cool melody and a fascinating chorus that sounds theatrical.

The last song is called Prophet Of The End. It’s the softer tune of the record and it was built with several different beautiful melodies.

Crystal Viper latest record could easily please every Heavy Metal fan.

Possession has 8 songs plus an intro, for a total of 40 minutes of high class heavy Metal. No fillers, all songs are good and deserve to be on the record.
The first part is for speed Metal fans, while the second is more about mid-tempo songs, but all of them are quality songs.

For those who can’t get enough, the CD contains a cover version of Thundersteel from Riot, while the LP has a surprise hidden track...

Crystal Viper
Picture: Promo AFM Records

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Crystal Viper Line-up:

Marta Gabriel – Vocals / Guitars
Andy Wave – Guitars
Michal Badocha – Bass
Golem – Drums

Crystal Viper Links:

Crystal Viper Website
Crystal Viper CDs on
Crystal Viper iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Crystal Viper - Possession

01. Zeta Reticuli
02. Voices In My Head
03. Julia Is Possessed
04. Fight Evil With Evil
05. Mark Of The Horned One
06. Why Can't You Listen?
07. You Will Die You Will Burn
08. We Are Many
09. Prophet Of The End
10. Thundersteel (bonus track)
(RIOT cover song)

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