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Shout It Out Loud Festival
RVE-Halle - Mülheim, Germany
June 18 2011

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Tom Keifer from Cinderella live in Mülheim

After a very good concert by Bonfire, it was time for the headliner of the First edition of the Shout It Out Loud Festival: Cinderella!

Jeff LaBar on guitars with Cinderella

Cinderella were celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a summer tour.
It was the only festival appearance of Cinderella this year in Europe, as well as the only German show.

Cinderella did a long soundcheck and started almost 40 minutes late... Most people had been waiting this concert for years, so the tension was rising every minute more we waited...

Eric Brittingham on bass - Cinderella live in Mülheim Germany

Finally, they came on stage so the party could begin!

This guys know how to rock! The band is still performing with the original line-up after so many years, and the music sounds great.

But even if they did a long soundcheck, they still had to face some sound problems during the show. They did another soundcheck for 10 minutes in the middle of the set...
At the end, Tom apologized for these sound problems and said they did their best.

Fred Coury on drums - Cinderella live in concert, 25 Anniversary Tour

There was no Cinderella backdrop and the stage wasn't customized, but the lights were very good.

Tom Keifer was not always able to reproduce the high notes that made Cinderella's vocal lines famous.
He was out of tune a couple of times, but most of the times he changed part of the vocal lines.
It's not always easy to have such a characteristic and unique voice...

Gary Corbett on keyboards with Cinderella live in Mülheim

The audience response was great in general.
Fans were dancing and singing the songs, almost everyone was excited and really into the show.

Only a handful of atendees walked out of the venue before the end of Cinderella's concert. Probably because of the wait and the sound problems.

Tom Keifer playing a Pedal Steel Guitar with Cinderella

The setlist was some kind of a short best of, concentrating mostly on their album Long Cold Winter: More than half of this album was played!

There were fast songs, bluesy songs, and ballads. Tom Keifer even used a Pedal Steel Guitar during Heartbreak Station!

Nevertheless no song from the album Still Climbing was played. I'm sure Bad Attitude Shuffle would have had a good effect!

Tom Keifer from Cinderella playing Acoustic guitar

Another problem was the lenght of the gig... not even 1 hour 20 minutes! Quite short for a 25th Anniversary Tour, don't you think?

Like some other Hard Rock bands from the U.S.A. like Poison, Mötley Crüe, or W.A.S.P., Cinderella try to do instense shows and don't play long.
I don't think this is a good idea, in Europe we are used to longer concerts... even Bonfire, the previous band at the festival, played longer than Cinderella!

Eric Brittingham playing bass on Cinderella 25 Anniversary Tour

Cinderella ended their show in front of many eurphoric fans willing for more!
They did a good show but even if it was the most awaited band of the festival, it wasn't the best performance of the day.
Maybe we were expecting too much?
Some friends saw Cinderella in London and Madrid and they all said it was amazing... Maybe this was the wrong show.

Well, German Glam Rock fans will have to wait until March 12 2012 for the Shout It Out Loud Festival part II.
But the wait will be worth, as it seems that CrashDïet, Hardcore Superstar and even Poison will be there... Save the date!

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Setlist Cinderella – RVE-Halle - Mülheim, Germany – June 18 2011

01. Once Around the Ride
02. Shake Me
03. Heartbreak Station
04. Somebody Save Me
05. Night Songs
06. The More Things Change
07. Coming Home
08. Second Wind
09. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
10. Nobody's Fool
11. Gypsy Road
12. Long Cold Winter
13. Shelter Me

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Cinderella Line-up:

Tom Keifer – Vocals / Guitar
Jeff LeBar – Guitar
Eric Brittingham – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums
Gary Corbett – Keyboards
Jeff LaBar, Eric Brittingham and Tom Keifer - Cinderella live in Mülheim
Tom Keifer singing with Cinderella
Jeff LaBar on Ciderella 25 Anniversary Tour in Germany
Germany screaming for Cinderella
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