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Ария Фест - XXV лет - (ARIA FEST - 25 years)
Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia
November 27, 2010

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Артерия - Григорий Стрелков live at the Olympiysky in Moscow, Russia

The roadies and technical staff at Ariafest did a great efficient work.
They changed the stage very very quick, and Arteria was on stage just 15 minutes after Sergey Mavrin.

Артерия, Сергей Терентьев - Ария Фест

Arteria is a band I was discovering tonight, so to me it was total surprise and I didn’t know what to expect.

Well, almost.
Arteria was formed by ex-Aria guitar player Sergey Terentiev, the guy that replaced Sergey Mavrin in Aria, back in the 90’s.

Эдуард Шаронов from Arteria live in Moscow

To start, Arteria had a less good sound than Mavrin’s band. And well, after seeing a guitar player like Sergey Mavrin, I had a lot of expectations.

Arteria did a very good concert, the audience sang their songs and the musicians are great.
But there was maybe some energy missing.

Юрий Макаров from Arteria live in Moscow

The band played just 4 songs in their setlist, including two Aria covers: Devilish Heat (Дьявольский зной) and Mud (Грязь), both from the album Generator Of Evil (Генератор зла).

Really short, but they had little time allowed.

Сергей Кутаев on drums - Arteria live in Moscow

Singer Grigoriy Strelkov did a very good work.
He’s young, he smiles at the audience, he runs all over the stage, and he sings well.
He really looked happy to be taking part in this Aria-fest.

The rythm section was also solid. It was in the hands of drummer Sergey Kutaev and bass player Yuri Makarov.

Sergey terentiev

Both guitarists played with Gibson Les Paul.

First, there was Sergey Terentiev, a veteran of Aria who delighted us with some melodic solos and fast rhythmic parts.
He is quite shy on stage, he prefers to concentrate on his playing rather than to move around the stage.

The other guitar player was a young and talented guy named Edward Sharonov, who also did a couple of solos.

Артерия, Григорий Стрелков - Ария Фест XXV лет - Олимпийский Москва

Arteria’s concert was good, but to be honest I think they should have been the first band to play at the Ariafest.

Their show was good, but I prefered Sergey Mavrin's performance. He also had a better sound and his band more stage prescence.

Артерия, Сергей Терентьев & Григорий Стрелков - Ария Фест XXV лет - Олимпийский Москва

I looked at my watch and realized that in less than an hour, two bands had finished their set.
Bands were playing for such a short time. I don’t know if this was disappointing for the audience, but to me, I just kept in mind how lucky I was to be there.

Now, time for the third band of the evening: Master, a band with a long discography and career.

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Setlist Артерия (Arteria) – Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia – November 27, 2010

01. Дьявольский зной (Aria cover)
Devilish Heat (Aria cover)
02. Только вперед
Only Forward
03. Стальные нервы
Nerves Of Steel
04. Грязь (Aria cover)
Mud (Aria cover)

Arteria Links:

Arteria Website
Arteria My Space
Arteria CDs on Amazon.comArteria Amazon
Arteria CDs at
Arteria on Metal Traveller's Flickr

Arteria Line-up:

Grigoriy Strelkov – Vocals
Григорий Стрелков
Sergey Terentev – Guitars
Сергей Терентьев
Edward Sharonov – Guitars
Эдуард Шаронов
Yuri Makarov – Bass
Юрий Макаров
Sergey Kutaev – Drums
Сергей Кутаев
Артерия, Юрий Макаров & Григорий Стрелков - Ария Фест XXV лет - Олимпийский Москва
Артерия, Сергей Терентьев - Ария Фест XXV лет - Олимпийский Москва
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