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Hope In Hell
Release date: May 27 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal / Heavy Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Very good)

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Anvil album cover

Metal legends Anvil are back in 2013 with a very inspired and diverse album called Hope In Hell.
This record is a good mix of Rock and Metal, always with powerful riffs. It also maks the recording debut of Sal Italiano, Anvil's new bass player.
Hope In Hell has guitar, bass, drums, and no unnecessary frills on production. It’s served raw, and you’ve got to taste it!

The first tune is the one that gives its name to the album, Hope In Hell. The riff is slow, heavy and catchy. I can already imagine the band playing it live.
There are other tunes with heavy slow riffs: Call Of Duty, which is about the army, and Mankind Machine, which is about electronics taking over humans.
However, most songs on this record are fast and have a rock’n’roll sound.


Let’s start with the fast songs. Eat Your Words has a fabulous riff that will keep you headbanging. And then, one of the best songs on this album is The Fight Is Never Won. I think will become an Anvil classic. There’s something on it that makes me think about Judas Priest.

Regarding Heavy Rock’n’roll songs, we’ve got many examples. Bad Ass Rock’n’Roll is a great tune that could have been performed by Motörhead. And Pay The Toll is even better!

There’s also a song called Flying which is about travelling by plane around the world. This one is already a big hit for Metal Traveller!

The last song is called Shut The Fuck Up. Just like Guns’n’Roses covered I don’t Care About You by Fear, or Metallica covered So What from Anti-Nowhere League, this is a song that you can dedicate to your worst enemy!

I have to say that find that two of the songs don’t have the same strength then the rest: Time Shows No Mercy and Call Of Duty. They're good, but they don't match the standard set by the others.

Overall Hope In Hell is a great record, filled with potent riffs.
It’s perfect for every Classic Metal fan, and also Heavy Rock fans.
Are you part of them? Hope In Hell is waiting at the record store!

Anvil the band

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Anvil Line-up:

Steve "Lips" Kudlow – Guitar and Vocals
Robb Reiner – Drums
Sal Italiano – Bass

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Tracklist Anvil

01. Hope In Hell
02. Eat Your Words
03. Through With You
04. The Fight Is Never Won
05. Pay The Toll
06. Flying
07. Call Of Duty
08. Badass Rock N Roll
09. Time Shows No Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut The Fuck Up
12. Hard Wired (bonus track)
13. Fire At Will (bonus track)

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