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Hellfest - Clisson, France
June 19, 2010

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Lips from Anvil live at Hellfest in Clisson

The first full concert I saw at the Hellfest was Anvil.

What a great surprise to see this band again, especially after the documentary film The Story Of Anvil.

This was Anvil’s first ever show in France! As Lips stated, “It only took us 30 years to get here!”.

Glenn "G5" Gyorffy  - Anvil at the Hellfest in Clisson

Anvil is a band with a long career, but still I had the impression of seeing a young band on stage.
A young band that wants to become big.

AC/DC might play megashows in the biggest stadiums, but they’re on automatic pilot. Anvil, they have something else. It's called faith, and it's called will.

Anvil has a flame that some bigger bands don’t have anymore.

Robb "Geza" Reiner - Anvil live at Hellfest in Clisson

Seeing Anvil is like seeing Adam Bomb, another Hard Rock veteran, who's never managed to become as famous as he should.

When you see the movie The Story of Anvil, the band is depicted like out of luck.

But let me tell you how lucky they are!

Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb "Geza" Reiner - Anvil at the Hellfest

They’re probably not rockstars. They might not sell out arenas or even big venues.
They might not have a luxurious tour bus or fly first class.

But they began their career in the 80’s! And that’s the biggest luck a band can have!

There are many great newer bands formed in the 90’s or the 2000’s and they’re good... but they're not legends!

Lips from Anvil playing guitar with his teeth

A band like Anvil has seen this music style through 3 decades.

They're luck because they have played with some of the biggest acts and can boast having been there for a long time.

Moreover, Anvil can proudly say that they have never quit, they’ve always been there.

They’re part of Metal history, even if they’ve never had the glory of some other bands.

Anvil live at Hellfest in Clisson

Lips is a good frontman, but he’s definitely more a guitar player than a singer.
He doesn’t really teases the audience with his speeches, but he does it with his playing.

He made the audience scream during his solo, especially when playing with his teeth! … and of course he played some notes with his dildo too!

That was one of the greatest moments of the show.

Guitar dildo! Anvil live in concert

On the negative side… there was a drum solo.
C’mon! Anvil had just 40 minutes to perform on this festival! 40 minutes to convince the audience!

They have more than 10 albums and they were playing in France for the first time... Robb Reiner is great but, honestly… who needs a drum solo on an afternoon festival performance?

In the audience there were some die-hard fans who were singing every song, as well as several curious folks who discovered the band after the movie. And I'm sure they also conquered new fans at the Hellfest!

Lips guitar solo - Anvil live at Hellfest in Clisson

I hope they won’t take another 30 years to come back, and I can’t wait to see an Anvil come back for a headlining show in a club! 

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Setlist Anvil – Hellfest, Clisson, France – June 19, 2010

01. March Of The Crabs
02. 666
03. School Love
04. This Is Thirteen
05. Mothra
06. White Rhino
07. Forged In Fire
08. Metal On Metal

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Anvil Line-up:

Steve "Lips" Kudlow - lead vocals, lead guitar
Glenn "G5" Gyorffy - Bass
Robb "Geza" Reiner - drums
Glenn "G5" Gyorffy on bass - Anvil live
Glenn "G5" Gyorffy and Steve "Lips" Kudlow - Anvil live in concert
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