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Rock Al Parque Festival
Parque Simón Bolívar - Bogotá, Colombia
June 30 2013

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Anti-Nowhere League live in Bogotá

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Performance:          4/5
Lights:                                  2/5
Sound:                           3/5
Atmosphere:            4/5

All metal bands at Rock Al Parque were scheduled on saturday, but I came back to the festival to see the legendary British punk band Anti-Nowhere League.

Honestly, I never thought I'll ever see this band on stage! Metalheads know them because Metallica covered the song So What?, and that gave them a lot of unexpected regognition.
It came their most famous song, and even in the backdrop they used for the concert it was written "So Fu*kin' What?"

Anti-Nowhere League headlined the small stage at Rock Al Parque Festival, where about 2000 fans were packed to see the show.
I've never attended a Punk Rock in Colombia before this one, so I was surprised to find out that Bogotá has such a large Punk scene.

Although the sound wasn't perfect at the light-show was minimalist, the band did a great performace and sat the crowds on fire.
Everyone was there to have fun and atmosphere was great . There was a quite large moshpit, but most people was headbanging or playing air-guitar.
Anti-Nowhere League's songs are full of energy, it's impossible to stand still!

The show lasted for about an hour, and it was a really intense one. I loved, and I really have to thank Metallica for making people aware of this band. Still, I think they deserve greater recognition.

So, that's how Rock Al Parque Festival ended for me, let's see what next year will bring!

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Setlist Anti-Nowhere League – Rock Al Parque Festival – Bogotá, Colombia – June 30 2013

01. We Are the League
02. We Will Survive
03. At the End of the Day
04. I Hate People
05. Nowhere Man
06. Let's Break the Law
07. This Is War
08. Skull & Bones
09. My God's Bigger Than Yours
10. So What?
11. Never Drink Alone
12. Fucked Up & Wasted
13. (We Will Not) Remember You
14. Animal
15. Fuck Around the Clock
16. We Are the League

Anti-Nowhere League Links:

Anti-Nowhere League Website
Anti-Nowhere League on Flickr

Anti-Nowhere League band Line-up:

Animal – Vocals
Tommy – Guitar
Shady – Bass
Nato – Drums
Animal from Anti-Nowhere League in Colombia
Shady from Anti-Nowhere League on stage in Bogotá

Tommy from Anti-Nowhere League, live in Bogotá
Animal from Anti-Nowhere League live at Rock Al Parque Festival in Bogotá
Anti-Nowhere League live at Rock Al Parque

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