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Hellfest - Clisson, France
June 22 2014

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Dave Padden from Annihilator live in Clisson

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Performance:  5/5
Setlist:                    4/5
Sound:            4,5/5
Atmosphere:    4,5/5

After a great show by the Power/Prog Metal band Angra, it was time for some Thrash Metal with Annihilator!

They started their set with Smear Campaign, one of the best songs from the new album Feast. It was followed by that masterpiece called King Of The Kill, and from this moment on, moshers and crowdsurfers didn't stop until the end of the show.
It was very hot day and the firement went throwing water to the crowds with their hose!

On stage, Annihilator was giving all theyr got. This guys are definitely among the masters of the genre!
Jeff Waters and Dave Padden definitely make a great pair, certainly the best guitar duo Annihilator has ever had.
It's pretty impressive how precise their guitar riffs are, and they can perfectly reproduce them on stage.
Their songs aren't at all easy, especially for Dave Padden who has to sing while playing guitar.

As it was a festival show, they didn't have a lot of time. But that doesn't mean they took it easy and only played their biggest classics.
No Clown Parade, no Never Neverland, no The Fun Palace... The setlist was actually quite surprising, with seldom played songs Road To Ruin and Brain Dance.
Purist might see this as a dangerous move, but I loved it. Annihilator has recorded too many good songs thoughout the years and I'm really glad that they don't always play the same tunes.

Anyway, 50 minutes of Annihilator was too short, but the show was really intense.
Right after them, another Thrash Metal band took over the Mainstage 01, the legendary Dark Angel!
Click here for some Dark Angel pictures from the Hellfest.

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Setlist Annihilator – Hellfest – Clisson, – June 22 2014

01. Smear Campaign
02. King of the Kill
03. No Way Out
04. Set the World on Fire
05. Road to Ruin
06. Alison Hell
07. Brain Dance
08. Phantasmagoria
09. Human Insecticide

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Annihilator band Line-up:

Dave Padden – Vocals / Guitar
Jeff Waters – Guitar
Al Campuzano – Bass
Mike Harshaw – Drums

Jeff Waters with Annihilator in France
Al Campuzano from Annihilator on stage in Clisson
Jeff Waters and Dave Padden live at Hellfest
Jeff Waters with Annihilator, live in Clisson
Dave Padden with Annihilator live in Clisson
Annihilator at Hellfest in Clisson

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