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Exit Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Republic
May 24, 2010

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Poster from Adam Bomb live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague

When I was on the line for the KISS concert in Prague, I saw a familiar face… Adam Bomb? I asked what he was doing there and he told me he playing a gig that night, as a KISS aftershow!

Needless to say, after the Kiss show I went to the Exit Chmelnice.
And the greatest thing of all, is that just a few hours earlier I didn't know he was playing!

Exit Chmelnice is a very famous club in Praha 3, where many metal bands play.
Once you get to the place, there’s a stair to the first floor: There you’ll see posters from several bands and the walls are painted with fantasy characters.

The entrance was only 50 Czech Crowns (less than 2 euro) when presenting the KISS ticket (otherwise it was 200 CZK, which is still cheap!).

Adam Bomb at the O2 Arena in Prague

Of course most fans there were coming from the KISS show, as a lot of people were wearing KISS makeup.
The club wasn’t sold out but it was reasonably filled.

Adam Bomb’s show started at about 1AM, on the night from May 23 to May 24.

Exit Chmelnice has a small stage, but still bigger than some stages where I’ve Adam Bomb play (like Le Klub in Paris). Lights were OK, perfect for a small club.

Adam Bomb live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague

On the poster of the concert a surprise special guest was announced. But everyone was disappointed as he couldn’t come.

It was supposed to be KISS’ guitarist, Tommy Thayer.

Adam apologized, and said something I didn't understand about a hospital, on why Tommy couldn’t come.

Drummer Fucker live in Prague with Adam Bomb

But there was a new member in the band.

Yes, you guessed, the drummer!
The new guy is soberly nicknamed Fu*ker.

He’s good, but has much less experience than Bobby Reynolds or Wookie.

I guess after a few intensive Adam Bomb-style touring he’ll become better.

Paul Del Bello live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague

Adam Bomb setlist was divided in two parts.

First he played some of his songs (as well as the cover New York New York), then he played a few KISS songs. One regret tough: they didn't play Pure S.E.X.

The sound wasn’t good but the audience enjoyed the show.

Some folks were seated sipping Pilsner Urquell Beer, others were attentive to the music, and some were totally mad!

Firecrackers from Adam Bomb live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague

For those who didn't have enough pyro at the KISS concert, Adam Bomb satisfied their needs!

He came with his firecrackers, and used at least 4 during the show.
Bass player Paul Del Bello even spit fire on a torch!

By the end of the show, Adam sat on fire his Pink guitar, as well as two drum cymbals!

Yeah, who said you can't have pyro on a small venue?

Adam Bomb and Paul Del Bello

Adam announced “Before we do the KISS songs, we’re going to do a song that sounds like KISS”... and they started playing Je T’aime Baby.

After the solo he made the audience sing: “I’m going to give you a French lesson free of Charge, the name of this song is I love you baby, Suck My D**k, so when I say Je t’Aime Baby, you know what to say!”

Paul Del Bello and his torch on fire

The band play several KISS songs, including Deuce sung by Bass player Paul Del Bello.
They played some very good versions of songs that weren’t played by KISS earlier in the night, such as Strutter or Got to Choose.

Of course it’s not the same to see the original and a tribute on the same night, but Adam Bomb’s performance was very good and convinced a good part of the audience.
He’s an underrated musician that deserved more recognition.

Adam stated that KISS’ show in Prague was the best of the four he had seen on this tour.
By the way, this was the last date of the current Adam Bomb Tour… and he will begin a new one a few days later… in the Czech Republic! (June 12 in Frýdek-Místek, if you’re around).

Adam Bomb live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague

He said “It might take KISS a few years to come back, but I will be back earlier!”.I don’t doubt this, and that’s great news!

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Setlist Adam Bomb – Exit Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Republic – May 24, 2010

01. Better Red Than Dead
02. Crazy Motherf*cker
03. Into The Night
04. I Want My Heavy Metal
05. Je T'Aime Baby
06. Eruption
07. New York New York
08. Deuce
09. Strutter
10. Got To Choose
11. King Of the Nighttime World
12. Detroit Rock City
13. Firehous
14. Rock Like F*ck

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Adam Bomb Line-up:

Adam Bomb – Vocals / Guitars
Paul Del Bello – Bass
F*cker – Drums
Fire from the guitar!
Drums and guitar on fire: Adam Bomb live at Exit Chmelnice in Prague
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