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Scopitone - Paris, France
April 29 2011

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Adam Bomb Tour 2011

Adam Bomb was starting a new European tour tonight, right here in Paris!

The previous month he played an acoustic solo concert in a bar. Now, Adam was coming back with his band to give a total rock'n'roll show.

The show was at the Scopitone, which is like a disco bar in a basement, in a wonderful neighbourhood between the Paris Opera and the Louvre Museum.
In other words, a place for culture!

The stage was low, but surrounded by amps. The finest detail was a painting of Beethoven on the background. It looked great for a rock'n'roll show!

Adam Bomb at the Scopitone in Paris

There were not many lights at the venue, but this is not a problem for a Adam Bomb concert.
There was the using light garland on his microphone, more lights on his guitar strap, and more lamps on the amps.

The sound was loud, but not so good. Adam even apologized because this was the first date of the tour and they didn't have a soundcheck.
But the audience didn't seem to care much about it. There were a few young folks in the crowd. I was surprised by one of them with a Slipknot t-shirt who knew most of the lyrics!
There was also a mother with her two children, and they also knew the words of the songs... even that special tune in French!

Adam Bomb playing his pink guitar

The band played a quite long show tonight, where almost half of the songs played were covers.
The concert was the day of the British Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, so something like Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen would have been perfect!

They played some AC/DC, some Led Zeppelin, some Scorpions and of course some KISS.
By the way, bass player Paul Del Bello sung Detroit Rock City.
But he also did the lead vocals on another song, and it was a very nice surprise: Antisocial by Trust!
This song is kind on an hymn in France, even people who doesn't listen to metal know the words. The whole audience apprecieted a lot this tune!

Violet The Cannibal on drums with Adam Bomb

Almost every time I've seen Adam Bomb there has been a different drummer. This time, there was a girl!
Her name is Violet The Cannibal! She has played with Adam Bomb before, but this is the first time I was seeing the band with her.

Well, she's angry and she punishes her drums hitting them like thunder!
She also screams while hitting the bass drum, which makes the audience go "Hey! Hey!!"

It's really cool to see a girl playing rock'n'roll, even more when she does it on a so enthusiastic way.

Adam Bomb band in Paris

While playing his guitar solo, Adam put his microphone on front his guitar amp. But then the mic fell down badly. It seems that it was broken, so they finished the show with Adam singing on Paul's microphone.

Paul Del Bello and his torch

Oh! For security reasons, it was forbidden to use Firecrackers and all this stuff Adam Bomb loves.
Well, he didn't use the firecrackers... But did they really think this was going to prevent him from using fire?

At the end of the show, Adam sat on fire his pink Les Paul guitar, as well as a drum cymbal... while Paul del Bello spitted fire and lighted a torch.

From the begining to the end, this was a show full of Rock'n'Roll. Not only the music, but also the attitude!

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Setlist Adam Bomb – Scopitone - Paris, France – April 29 2011

01. Angry Angry
02. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)
03. S.S.T.
04. Rock Bottom (KISS)
05. He's a Woman, She's a Man (Scorpions)
06. Antisocial (Trust)
07. Instrumental ??
-- Drum Solo --
08. Crazy Motherf**kers
09. I Want My Heavy Metal
10. Je T'aime Baby
11. Guitar Solo / Eruption (Van Halen)
12. Detroit Rock City (KISS)
13. D.W.I. On The Info-Superhighway
14. Rock Like F*ck
15. Pure S.E.X.
16. Rock'n'Roll (Led Zeppelin)

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Adam Bomb Line-up for this show:

Adam Bomb – Vocals / Guitar
Paul Del Bello – Bass
Violet The Cannibal – Drums
Adam Bomb burning his Pink guitar
Adam Bomb rocking in Paris at the Scopitone
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