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Le Klub - Paris, France
May 12 2008

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Adam Bomb live

Just two months after his last shows in Paris, Adam Bomb was already back in town.

The show was booked at a small venue called Le Klub, which is where I saw him headlining for the first time... Only 6 months earlier!

Paul Del Bello playing bass with Adam Bomb in Paris

This is probably the most awesome Adam Bomb show I've seen.
The atmosphere was incredible and everyone, the band and the fans, seemed happy to be there.

Le Klub is a small venue so there were few lights, but that's no problem with Adam Bomb: he's got his guitar pryo and the lights on his microphone!

Bobby Reynolds playing drums with Adam Bomb in Paris

The sound was really good, and of course this added a lot to the atmosphere of the show.

The musicians did a great performance too.

Drummer Bobby Reynolds was playing tonight, and that guy has an incredible way to hit his drumkit!

Bass player Paul Del Bello was also in a good mood. He was headbanging, singing, and pulling faces while playing. Great attitude.

Adam Bomb at Le Klub in Paris - May 2008

And Adam Bomb? Well, this guy is unique!

He's totally Rock"n'Roll style. The way he sings, the way he plys, the way he talks to the audience: He's got a unique style.

I always thought that he deserves to play bigger venues and be more popular.

Adam Bomb playing at Le Klub, Paris

I don't have the exact setlist, but the band played for almost two hours and a half tonight!
That's a band that gives it all on stage, even if there were just some 150 people attending the concert.

Adam Bomb started the concert with Van Halen's Eruption.

He played songs like Rock Like F***, S.S.T., D.W.I. On The Info-Superhighway... and of course his altime hits Pure S.E.X. and I Want My Heavy Metal.

There were also lots of cover songs, from the AC/DC, Rolling Stones and more.

The video clip from the song Je T'Aime Baby was partially shot that night.
You can see it just below.
By the way, I'm on it!

This song was played twice that night.
Paul Del Bello and Bobby Reynolds from Adam Bomb in Paris - May 12 2008

The guys seemed quite worried because they had to catch a ferry to the UK on the next day and didn't know if they could make it.

But that didn't prevent them to play a very long show.

Adam Bomb in Paris - May 12 2008

Adam got hurt his hand on the previous gig while using his pyro.
But... he didn't cancel the concert! Instead he came an played his show, giving it all.

It was a really great concert, full of energy and feeling.

Once again, it's probably the best Adam Bomb show I've seen.

Adam Bomb and Metal Traveller

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Paul Del Bello and Metal Traveller

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Bobby Reynolds and Metal Traveller

Adam Bomb Line-up:

Adam Bomb - Vocals / Guitars
Paul Del Bello - bass guitar
Bobby Reynolds - drums
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