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Hard Rock'n'Roll
Release date: June 24 2013

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Genre: Hard Rock'n'Roll
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Killer)

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42 Decibel Hard Rock'n'Roll album cover

The first album from 42 Decibel is called Hard Rock'n'Roll, and the title could not be more accurate.
Good Rock’n’Roll straight from the 60's and the 70's, that’s exactly what you should expect.

There's a nice swing between the bass and the drums, there are countless guitar improvisations, and the voice is both warm and aggressive.
In fact, the voice is a key element in 42 Decibel and some even already compare singer Junior Figueroa to Bon Scott. Junior’s voice is rough and not always exactly on tune, but that’s not a problem. On the contrary, this adds some extra appeal to 42 Decibel’s music.


The sound is also very important here. It's powerful, it’s classic, it has feeling, and yet it doesn’t feel outdated. 42 Decibel like to play it Vintage, but the production makes it sound like an album released in 2013.

Musically, there’s no doubt that 42 Decibel has something from Rose Tattoo. It’s also impossible not to think of American Dog.
Some songs make you want to go and order a beer or whiskey. Others make you want to play some Air Guitar. They all are made to be heard inside a pub during a wild night.

There are quite a few drinking songs on this record. Those guys seem to have so much fun on Scotch Drinker, Drinkin 'Margaritas, Drunk Love or Gimme A Drink, that they only thing we want is to join the party. Yes, you read that right, 4 of the 12 tracks have the word "drink" in the title (although the last two are the bonus tracks).

In my opinion, I'm Gonna Give You All is the best song of Hard Rock'n'Roll. It has something special that captures the essence of rock. Smokin 'Fire and Long Legged Woman are also highlights.
Rocker Soul makes us realize once again that Rock'n'Roll is universal. 42 Decibel is a living proof of that because they are not British or Australian... They come straight from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Most of you might know that Argentina is a Rock’n’Roll country. Not only are there plenty of good local acts, but some of the biggest names in Rock have played memorable concerts there.

42 Decibel managed to export their music They’re out to conquer the world with a debut album full swing and good songs. 42 Decibel is here to have a good time, and to make you have a great time while listening to their music. Oh yes, it feels so good!

42 Decibel the band
Picture: Promo SPV Records

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42 Decibel Line-up:

Junior Figueroa – Vocals / Guitar
Billy Bob Riley – Guitar
Chris Marck Towers – Bass
Nicko Cambiasso – Drums

42 Decibel Links:

42 Decibel Website
42 Decibel CDs on
42 Decibel iTunes downloads

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Tracklist 42 Decibel

01. Scotch Drinker
02. Smokin' Fire
03. Long Legged Woman
04. The Real Deal
05. Take Me
06. I`m Gonna Give You All
07. Drinkin' Margaritas
08. Addicted To Rage
09. Born To Ride Alone
10. Rocker Soul
11. Drunk Love (Bonus Track)
12. Gimme A Drink (Bonus Track)

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